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Reflective Network Therapy​

Reflective Network Therapy, developed by Dr. Gilbert Kliman, is a community-based and synergistic method of child analysis and education aimed at emotionally and/or developmentally challenged preschoolers and their families and caregivers.

RNT Success

Since 1965, RNT has been highly successful in helping over 2,000 young children process trauma, overcome disturbances related to anxiety, depression and attachment issues, grow socially and intellectually, and better relate to their family and peers.

In this method, rather than isolating the child from their social context, the analyst or child therapist joins them in play and interaction within their classroom. As part of a network including trained therapists, teachers, parents and children’s peers, the intensive psychodynamic therapy provided to the child is reinforced by the familiar social context and becomes part of their real-world experience. The child’s here-and-now feelings, behavior, symbolic expressions and responses to other children and classroom events are all opportunities for therapeutic action and become the subjects of in-classroom therapy.

RNS data
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