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Individual & Family, Consultation & Wellness​

Consultation sessions typically take place once to twice a week.Consultation sessions do not typically take place in an office setting.Sessions can take place in different places in the community or in the individual’s or family’s home or in a community setting. Our goal is to find locations that minimize stressors for clients.

Why Consultation?

Consultation takes the important work you have done on your own and transitions it to actionable goals.

To help people re-energize their lives, maximize their strengths and find creativity that will lead to identify their goals to enrich their lives.


Overall Wellness

We help individuals, families, and groups navigate the discomfort of change, beginning steps or identifying additional alleys / advocates to make change happen.

Our short term, community-based approach is designed to help participants get through a specific period of life or develop new ways of evolving and adapting effectively in real critical life events and circumstances that occur in everyday living.

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